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File a Complaint Often

It's important that Sky Harbor, the FAA, Scottsdale Mayor Lane and the City Council, Arizona State and Federal elected representatives and Scottsdale Airport hear from residents concerning the safety of those on the ground and airplane noise.  SCANA asks that you file a safety/noise complaint as often an you can with any or all of these parties.  While complaints alone may not instigate change, they are critical to let these parties know that residents are concerned and actively opposing the danger and noise intrusions placed upon our communities.  CLICK ON A LINK BELOW to be connected with a webpage that will allow you to submit a complaint or comment.

Volunteer in our efforts

We encourage all individual residents that are facing issues with airplane safety and noise to be heard. Below you'll find various ways to contact government and local officials who gather and sometimes publish empirical data on airplane noise. We would like to get as many communities represented in our efforts as possible. Please e-mail us at to join the team.  Please vote YES on our homepage and sign up there to receive our SCANA newsletter updates.

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Let your Voice Be Heard!

File a complaint

Phoenix Sky Harbor: 

Click Here

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Scottsdale Airport:

Volunteer and Lend Your Expertise!

Send us an e-mail:

Contact Your Representatives

City of Scottsdale Mayor Ortega and the City Council    CLICK HERE

AZ State Representative Joseph Chaplik

CLICK HERE      (District 23)

AZ State Representative John Kavanagh

CLICK HERE      (District 23)

AZ State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita

CLICK HERE      (District 23)

AZ Congressman David Schweikert

CLICK HERE   (District 6)

AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema


AZ Senator Mark Kelly


File a Complaint with the FAA

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